1. What kind of interaction would the video require from your students? Does it force them to respond in some way (inherent)? not really any interaction was required, however student have to respond to the video since they need to click it and it can’t be dismissed. All students needs to do is paying attention to the video.
  2. In what way are they likely to respond to the video on their own, e.g. make notes, do an activity, think about the topic (learner-generated)? do an activity that is probably the most effective way to respond to a video, since student are might not be willing to make note when they are tired or when dismissing the importance of the topic. On the other hand, if thinking about one topic is not really a necessarily requested task according to the course requirement the student might feel not obligated to do such a complicated thing.
  3. What activity could you suggest that they do, after they have watched the video (designed)? What type of knowledge or skill would that activity help develop? What medium or technology would students use to do the activity? Ask certain questions about the video for them to provide their thought on, this way it will better to ensure that the student pay attention to the video and not just skim it thru. Questions needs better to be reflective questions that allows them to provide their thought on certain things rather than just yes or no or fixed answer questions, this way it could ensure them to better think about the content of the video. this also will help them to develop their own perspective on the video by looking at it.
  4. How would students get feedback on the activity that you set? What medium or technology would they and/or you use for getting and giving feedback on their activity? using a blog to post their answer to the questions asked will allow them to share their answers openly with other people and be open to receive feedbacks from outside. blog is one of the best way to interact and share thoughts openly with one another. the technology to use is laptop or computer, basically anything out there to type your thought on a blog platform so your thought can be shared and are open to others to comment for feedbacks.
  5. How much work for you would that activity cause? Would the work be both manageable and worthwhile? Could the activity be scaled for larger numbers of students? it will cost around 20 minute to complete the activity, it can be scaled for larger number of student since each of the group member is working individually on their own to provide their own thought. However, with the open blog settings, student are able to interact with each other by sharing their thought and providing feedback by commenting on other’s blog posts once they are done with their thought.