after reading the reverse learning blog, the interesting point about bicycle stood out, although I was able to understand the concept of it that how reverse learning would be able to affect us and how our brains are wired to learn one way and we can not reverse these cognitive affect. I just wanted to say that even for anyone who’s not rode a bicycle before, this bicycle was impossible to ride since the coordination of the wheel and the hold is needed for people to ride it in a straight line, it is impossible to ride anything if your hold is opposite of your wheel since you would lose your balance. however I totally agree with the ideas that were sent out that we are wired in some way to learn things and if that algorithm is totally reverse, we lose our wirings and get confused as I have personally have different experiences with it. Such as when i am typing Chinese, there are characters in English letters making up Chinese word which is called Pinyin, it goes by different pronunciation and i find it so confusing after i learned English and sometimes i would get some characters wrong in Chinese since i type there are letters that pronounced differed when I tried to type them.